środa, 18 lutego 2009

Edmund Burke - liberal or conservative ?

Edmund Burke - irish political thinker of 18th C is supposed to be tha founder of conservative doctrine, but there are many liberal elements in his idea and actions.

1. He was a WHIG politician.
2. wrote as much about liberty, as about tradition.
3. supported and believed in idea of the glorious revolution (1688-1689)
4. opposed to all attempts of strengthening the court's position.
5. supported american revolution (1776-1783), unlike a tory writer - Samuel Johnson
6. criticised political idea os a tory ideologist Henry St. John, viscount Bolingbroke'a (zm. 1751)
7. was no adgerent of the ancien regime, but stood for liberalisation
8. his ideas were nothing like those of Joseph de Maistre (the alliance between the throne and the altar).

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